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Finding Christ

                    We are located at

353 E Dark Hollow Rd, Pipersville PA 18947

in Tinicum Township, Bucks County PA. Click the Mapquest link at left for directions.  

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When you get here

The church has three driveways, and parking is behind the church. Please enter by the “in” driveway on E. Dark Hollow or the In/Out driveway on Iron Bridge. The building entrance is the red single door by the small white outbuilding.

Worship is in the Fellowship Hall on the ground level. Enter by the doors just off the parking lot and go down the steps just ahead of you. Go down the hall to your right. Bathrooms are located through the doors in the back of the Hall to the left.

The smiley feet on the floor help us stay socially distant. 


Church offices, parlor and Pastor's study are on the parking lot level.  There are three rest rooms in this part of the building. One restroom is located by the church offices, third door down in the hallway to the right as you enter the building. Two family rest rooms are at the bottom of the bell tower steps, accessible from the stairs at the back of the church, on the organ side. There’s a Diaper Deck between the downstairs tower bathrooms. 


Sunday morning gathering
​at a glance:

  • Please wear a face covering/mask if it would provide you with comfort/security! We will provide a mask if you forget yours. 

  • Dress is what's comfortable. 

  • Service lasts about 40 minutes.

  • Kids very welcome. Ask us about the Sunday School Schedule!

  • Similar to Roman Catholic or Episcopalian worship, but shaped for today.

  • Easy to follow. 


 From Route 611:
From Plumsteadville, take 611 north, past the Giant shopping center. From the light/intersection continue north, and watch for route 413.

Turn right at 413, between the bank and small shopping center. Turn left at the T intersection.

At 4-way stop at Piper Tavern, go straight. (2.5 miles to go!) Follow Dark Hollow down hill, around the left curve at the bottom, and across the bridge.

Christ Church is about a mile past the bridge on East Dark Hollow Rd. Watch for the red brick house with white shutters – you’re almost there! You’ll see the church on the right. Go just past the church for the “in” driveway. Pull up, and behind the church for parking. Please park parallel to the church building.

From Rt 32/River Road.
East Dark Hollow Rd is 3 miles south of the Frenchtown Bridge, and 6 miles north of Lambertville.

Going south from Frenchtown/Milford on Rt. 32, turn right onto E. Dark Hollow Rd. 

Coming north, turn left onto E. Dark Hollow Rd. Christ Church is 3 miles from the river, just as you come around the curve at the intersection of E Dark Hollow at Iron Bridge Rd.

There are two in driveways: on Iron Bridge Rd, about 25 yards on the right. The driveway on E. Dark Hollow is just past the white house on the left.

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