Our Staff

Pastor Marie Caron, "Pastor C", was called to serve Christ Church in 1999. Her call was first nurtured in a diverse urban parish and then mentored in a suburban congregation with a deep love of worship. 

Church and faith have always been a part of her life, even during a time of searching  when, as she puts it, 'God and I weren't on speaking terms". God used that time to bring her to better place spiritualy and taught her 'God has a sense of humor - be careful what you pray for!'  A Jersey native Pastor C. came to Pennsylvania for graduate school in Philadelphia and found a home here. She served several congregations in Philly, it's suburbs and the Wilkes Barre area during seminary and her first call, coming to Christ Church in 1999. She loves the sense of welcome and family here, and our commitment to being a 'general practice' ministry, a place that meets you where you are. 

She volunteers as a chaplain for Doylestown Health, and serves on its Pastoral Care Board. Over the course of her ministry she's served on several synodical Boards and Committees, and is currently acting chair of the Tinicum Health Ministry. 



Cindy Carper, Parish Secretary
Cindy is the hub of our mission and ministry, staffing the church office four days a week. She's a life long member of Christ, Pipersville, teaches Sunday School and occasionally joins the ensemble on piano. 

Mary Hurley,

Tinicum Health Ministry Nurse
The Tinicum Health Ministry has served central Bucks since 1999 at no cost to our clients. 

THMP is an independently organized 501 (c)(3), founded to provide a parish nurse to the community. 

Currently all care and support is being done remotely.   Please call the church office (215. 766. 8730) or email (christpipersville@gmail.com) to arrange a virtual visit or support. 


Who we are, and what we believe...

Who are we? We're a gathering of cradle Christians, working-on-it Christians, seeking but not quite yet Christian. We're your neighbors, maybe even your co-workers or classmates. We're young and not-so-young, here five generations and five minutes, building-nesters and empty-nesters.   We're part of the Lutheran branch of the Christian family tree.

Christ Church has deep roots in Bucks County. Founded before the Revolutionary War, we met in homes, barns and farm fields and were served by pastors who traveled from place to place. Around 1760 the informal gatherings for worship, baptisms and other rites became a congregation, served by Pastor Liezel. 

Christ Church's deep roots supported our growth as a congregation of immigrant families to a family of faith that welcomed and gathered and served our community.  

We've had at least three buildings, maybe four, and each one has housed a congregation that served through aid societies, support for local children's charities, food assistance, and fellowship groups. The names changed but the mission was the same: love one another. 

While the current pandemic has changed and challenged how we do ministry together, it hasn't stopped us.  Snail mail to social media to Zoom, Duo and land-line calls help us keep in touch, gather for worship, prayer, fellowship and growth.